What Others Say

What other attorneys have said about Mr. Bernheim:

“One of the brightest lawyers I have ever worked with . . . he’s brilliant.”
     - Richard Friedman, Esq., Author, The Rules of the Road guidebook for attorneys

“Among the leading lawyers in the State.”
- Bruce M. Brusavich, Esq.

“Very thoughtful.”
     - Robert N. Williams, Esq.

“I was inspired by him.”
     - Martina Silas, Esq.

“A bright, blue flame.”
     - Thomas V. Girardi, Esq.

“Kicks ass for policyholders!”
     - Amy Bach, Esq., President, United Policyholders

“Brought so much good fortune to so many people.”
     - Steve White, Esq.

“I read about your recent victory.  I just wanted to say congratulations.”
     - Joseph Liebman, Esq.

“Congratulations on your fantastic result.”
     - Marty Singer, Esq., Lavely & Singer

“I appreciate your push towards perfection and all I have learned from you.”
     - Michael Artz, Esq.

“I am inspired by your drive, independence and success.”
     - Michael D. Holtz, Esq., Lavely & Singer

“Sit back and look at what you've accomplished.”
     - David C. Parisi, Esq.

Very thoughtfulI really appreciate all your help.”
     - Curtis A. Cole, Esq.

What Mr. Bernheim’s opponents have said about him:

     - Lorenzo Gasparetti, Esq. [opposing litigation counsel]

“Litigating against him was an exhausting and intellectually challenging experience. . . He’s a very talented litigator.  Extremely tenacious.”
     - Martina Silas, Esq. [opposing litigation counsel]

Pursued “the most aggressively litigated and complex proceedings that I have experienced in my 35 years of practice.”
     - Timothy Sullivan, Esq., General Counsel, First American Title Insurance Co.

“He made A to Z discovery demands. . .he was a pain.”
     - Anthony Shafton, Esq. [opposing litigation counsel]

Did “very good work."
     - Jeffrey K. Riffer, Esq. [opposing litigation counsel]

What other professionals have said about Mr. Bernheim:

“Bernie – a man who embodies the spirit of ‘Rolling Thunder’!”
     - Edward Panasci, AIA, PE, Architect, Professional Engineer, and Litigation Consultant 

“I look forward to continuing to work together.”
- Tony Cardenas, L.A. City Councilmember 

“As an insurance litigator, he is a genius.  There is no other litigation attorney who understands the insurance industry as he does.”
     - Jefferey Sjobring, P.A., California Public Insurance Adjuster

“Bernie – Be proud that you have taken the path less traveled by others. . . one that has been built by you, and you alone.  You are special.”
     - Ina De Long, Consumer Advocate and Cofounder of United Policyholders

Congratulations on your nomination for the Trial Lawyer of the Year award.  Needless to say, I am very proud of your accomplishment. . .”
     - Gary T. Fye, Insurance Claims Investigator

You are doing some of the finest work I've ever seen.  Something to be really proud of.  Winter soldiers in a land of sunshine patriots.
     - Paul A. Roller, Esq., Director of Insurance, State of Alaska (Ret.)

You can be justifiably proud of your accomplishments and abilities.
     - David Roberti, (Former) President Pro Tem, California Senate

Mr. Bernheim, thank you for all you do for Wounded Warrior Project.
     - Steven Nardizzi, Esq., Executive Director, Wounded Warrior Project

One of our most committed Humane Leaders.
     - Wayne Pacelle, President, The Humane Society of the United States

“I could not have put together such an informative segment without your input.
     - Stacy Jackman, Producer, Court TV

“Tremendous resources, energy and skill.”
     - Gary Richman, CPCU, SCLA, P.A., Insurance Consultant & California Public Insurance Adjuster

“Thank you for. . . the very important opportunity to learn about the issues that you have with the [insurance] industry.  Let's continue to share information."
     - the Hon. John Garamendi, United States Congressman, Insurance Commissioner, State of Califoria (Ret.)

“You may be sure I will recommend you to anyone I think you may be able to help in the future.  I feel certain that your forceful approach, thoroughness and tenacity will cause you to win many more cases in the future.”
     - Arthur H. Trinkle, President, Metrex Systems Corporation

Keep up the good fight!
     - Steve Edwards, Host, ‘Good Day LA’ on Fox Television

“I'm honored to know you.”
- Chris DeRose, President & Founder, Last Chance for Animals,

“Touched many children's lives.”
- Lisa Nunez, Interim Administrator, County of Los Angeles, MacLaren Children's Center

A true partner in our work.
     - Richard D. Cordova, FACHE, Chief Executive Officer, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Mr. Bernheim, I'm grateful for your dedication to the SPLC since 2002.
     - Morris Dees, Esq., Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

“Through personal sacrifice, selflessness and without material reward bestowed the support and understanding without which my graduation from U.S.C. would not have been possible.”
- Miguel Altamirano, Paralegal

What the legal press has said about Mr. Bernheim:

“Iconoclastic. . . cares deeply about both the work he does and the people with whom he works. . . has law in his blood. . . ardor for his work.”
     - Los Angeles Daily Journal

“Hard driving. . . edgy.”
     - The American Lawyer

“Exceptional work.”
     - California Lawyer

What Mr. Bernheim’s clients have said about him:

“We just want you to know how appreciative we are for the incredible job you did.  As time goes by, and the dust settles, it will become even clearer what a spectacular victory you achieved.  It is the stuff of legends.”
     - Rod and Krista Taylor

“In appreciation, with love.”
     - Helen and Julius Sorger

A great, honest and diligent lawyer and staff.  Words can say so little when someone’s done so much.
     - Lucienne Sylla

“Bernie! Thanks - with such sincere appreciation.”
     - Krisi Davis [Homeowners Association manager]

I wanted to let you know how grateful Amanda [Decadenet] and I are to you . . . we won’t hesitate to contact you in the future if there’s anything else you can help us with! Thanks again.”
     - John Taylor [of Duran Duran]

“Thank you for your efforts on our case.  Because of them, we just came back from a cruise to the end of the world.  Abel was able to fly over and see Antarctica.  We could give money to our grandchildren for university.  We are very grateful for all your help. . . With love, thank you, thank you, very much. . . The world’s a whole lot better place because of people like you.”
     - Abel & Maria Cordoba

“You are awesome!”
     - Shirley & Emmett Giles

“Thank you Bernie, for going beyond the norm, and devoting your time to try to help my family, and all others still involved in this.”
     - David Dollman

“I want to thank you and your team of professionals for working so hard on our behalf. We feel that it was fate that God put us and our problem in your hands.  He put us together to fight the good fight.”
     - Audrey Giero

“I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment that Deborah and I received throughout our recent legal case, and for the diligent efforts that resulted in a very successful conclusion.  I was also impressed by the frequent communications that we received from your office, which kept us current and in the loop at all times.”
     - Jack Lebovits

“In grateful appreciation for all the energy, time, effort and sacrifice spent on our behalf.  From our hearts to you, the homeowners of Nordhoff Townhomes thank you for a job well done and for a friendship that will never be forgotten.”
     - Board of Directors, Nordhoff Townhomes Homeowners Ass’n

“You are truly professionals and have completely looked after our best interest.”
     - Angelo Barrios

“We sincerely appreciate the countless hours of putting our needs first, making us a priority and helping us accomplish what many thought was impossible.”
     - The Hidden Canyon Homeowners Association Board of Directors

“Many thanks.”
     - Iva and Pierce Watson

“A truly great attorney. . . Bernie Bernheim got us $20 million.”
     - Tim Puckett


The Above Statements Do NOT Constitute A Guarantee, Warrantee Or Prediction Regarding The Outcome Of Your (Or Anyone’s) Legal Matter.